How to Train yourself to be Healthier by Best Breathing!

  • Samuel A. Nigro Retired psychiatrist, ad hominem pamphleteer


Breathing is so natural that the "best way to breathe" has never been identified or promoted as such.  Having episodes of  life-threatening laryngospasm prompted research and study on breathing, resulting in the discovery that nasal inhaling is "best" by shutting one's mouth and concentrating on getting more oxygenation.  "SAM More Oxygen" describes the "best way to breathe:   SHUT your mouth.  AIR in thru nose.  MOUTH exhale or stay shut or cough harshly to clear throat and lungs" (but when doing a series of SAMs, cough harshly every third and fourth time to help clean your lungs and larynx)."  The discovery occurred while in laryngospasm.  Intensely aware of the miserable duration of previous barely effective horrible mouth clearing trying-to-breathe efforts, a conscious decision of "I am not going to go thru this again because it is torture", the mouth was shut against all natural impulses to use mouth breathing to clear my choking laryngospasm; and, amazingly, air inhalation thru the nose occurred enabling a strong cough which opened the airway; repeating the sequence many times enabled calmer more efficient return to normal breathing. The process was quickly called "SAM" and it worked every time ever since. It went into medical publication and many grateful letters were received from people who found it giving relief never before as fast or effective. Since then, research and study of breathing clearly shows the SAM More Oxygen will help many medical problems and maintain good health.   But you need to practice it over and over to remember to do it.  Regular breathing automatically returns but it is not "best breathing." When relaxing watching T.V. or on your computer, best breathe by gentle SAMs.  Do a few when you wake up every morning--get a little more oxygen to help wake up and energize for the day.  Remind each other too to SAMMO.

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