Journal of Medical Care Research and Review <p><em>Journal of Medical Care Research and Review&nbsp;</em>&nbsp;has been&nbsp; force in the area of health services research. &nbsp;Journal's focus has expanded to reflect the growth of the field and the increasing importance of health services research -- while still maintaining the high standards that have kept&nbsp;&nbsp;<em>Journal of&nbsp;</em>&nbsp;<em>Medical Care Research and Review&nbsp;</em>at the forefront of health care research for over half a century.&nbsp;</p> <p align="left"><em>Journal of Medical Care Research and Review</em>&nbsp;covers timely aspects of health care such as:</p> <ul type="disc"> <li class="show"> <div align="left">Evaluation of the impact of changes in health policy and practice</div> </li> <li class="show"> <div align="left">Health insurance markets and the impact of health reform</div> </li> <li class="show"> <div align="left">Health Information Technology adoption and application in health delivery</div> </li> <li class="show"> <div align="left">Impact of competition and regulation on health care markets and providers</div> </li> <li class="show"> <div align="left">Health care disparities in access, treatment, and outcomes</div> </li> <li class="show"> <div align="left">Patient safety and quality of care</div> </li> <li class="show"> <div align="left">Health care workforce issues and primary care capacity</div> </li> <li class="show"> <div align="left">Patient engagement in health care decision-making</div> </li> <li class="show"> <div align="left">Economics and financial issues in health care delivery</div> </li> <li class="show"> <div align="left">Organizational structure and behavior of health organizations</div> </li> <li class="show"> <div align="left">Comparative effectiveness analysis</div> </li> </ul> en-US Journal of Medical Care Research and Review Guiding HIV therapy according to immunological status - the experience of virological knowledge. <p>Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) was first related with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in 1983, and since then many attempts have been made to treat, control and in the last couple of years several studies have been conducted with the intention of achieve a cure or at least a functional cure.</p> <p>The understanding of the replication of the virus, has lead a new course of investigation regarding the best treatment options defined with, when to treat and how to treat to achieve the better response regarding the full and fast recover of the patient’s immune response. In this regard several strategies have been presented and discussed through the years, like the initial treatment for one side and the maintenance treatment for other side.</p> <p>The authors present a review of the state of the art and the perspective of treatments according the steps of the replication of the virus reflected in the immunological status of the patient.</p> R. Correia de Abreu Frederico Duarte Isabel Neves ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-01-11 2019-01-11 2 01 01 07 Anaesthesia for Repair of RupturedMeningomyelocoele in a Neonate: A Case Report <p>DT was a 22-day-old female neonate who had repair of a ruptured meningomyelocoele under general anaesthesia with muscle relaxation and controlled ventilation. Anaesthesia was maintained with a balanced technique for neonates. Standard anaesthetic monitoring was performed. She was manually ventilated with 100% oxygen using Mapleson F breathing system. Hypothermia was prevented by increasing ambient temperature, warm infusion and use of over-head radiant heater. Surgery was done with the patient in prone position. She had uneventful postoperative recovery and was discharged home on 20<sup>th</sup> post-operative day. The perioperative challenges in this case are discussed.</p> Chinwe Edith Okoli Eze Onyegbule Okubuiro ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-01-14 2019-01-14 2 01 08 14